Uno Mas - JKD Kali Kung-Fu

Posted on 29 June 2016 by Jose

Classes Schedule

Address Xin-Ya secondary School, No 15, Line 168, Song-Da Road, Taipei
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
7.00~8.30pm Kali   Kali   Kali    
8.30~10.00pm Jeet Kune Do
(Muay-Thai, Panantukan, Silat)
  Dynamic Defence Koncepts    


Wu-Ja Martial Armor, 93, sec 2, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Tel.02-2363-1188

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
2.00~3.30pm           Combat Wing-Chun  
3.30~5.00pm           Kali - Silat  
5.00~6.30pm           Dynamic Defence Koncepts  

Classes Fee

  • Registration Fee: NT$1,500,
    * School T-shirt
    * Taiwan Filipino Martial Arts Assosiation
    * Taiwan Jeet Kune Do Assosiation
    * Dynamic Defence Koncepts Assosiation
  • Fee : Quopon 10 times NT$3,000. Valid for 2 months. (this price not incluide Wu-Ja Martial Armor.)
  • Drop Class: NT$ 400
  • Wellcome to take a free testing class

    Available Classes

    Apart the courses in the above table, We offered private and group courses in:
  • Close Quarter Combat (Knife and Stick combat)
  • Little Dragons (Wing-Chun & Jeet Kune Do for kids)
  • Self Defence in general
  • Will open a new class with 6 people registered.

    Please contact us for further information about it and time available.
    Address: Xin-Ya secondary School, No. 168, Song-Da Road, Taipei, Taiwan
    Tel: 26308675 / 0932-156-936
    Skype: JKD-Kali
    Facebook: JKD Kali

    Payment Policy

  • Students must pay their dues befores the 10th of each month. Those that do not pay on time will not be allowed to train until payment is received.
  • Students who miss the payment dates will not be allowed to participate in class until payment is received. Missed classes due to late payments or other reasons will not carry over.